Somaliland to Strengthen Ties with UK

The Somaliland government will continue to work closer with the British government to ensure Peace and security in the Horn of Africa and social development of its people.

Somaliland President said as he bade farewell to the outgoing British Ambassador  Ben Fender that his country will continue to maintain its democratic ideals ahead of the parliamentary elections that are set for mid this year.

Fender was accompanied by Mr Stuart Brown, the British High Commissioner to Somaliland, who is in the country on a working visit.

The meeting focused on issues such as the upcoming parliamentary and local elections in the Republic of Somaliland, which is scheduled to take place on May 31, this year.

The meeting also discussed the current situation in the Horn of Africa where Somaliland plays a pivotal role in maintaining security in the Red Sea.

The President thanked the British Government for aligning the pillars of the Somaliland Development Plan with British aid to the country.

Somaliland has held close relationship with her former colonial masters- Britain who remains the closest friend the country has in the Western Hemisphere.

Over the years, Somaliland has looked to the United Kingdom for inspiration, development aid and diplomatic backing while the UK has viewed Somaliland with special admiration for its successful efforts in pursuing a democratic tradition and its determined struggle to succeed in a region devastated by civil wars, prolonged conflict and lawlessness

Several British parliamentarians have lobbied for Somaliland’s recognition as well as looking ways to increase more development aid and political support.

Source: Busiweek

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