SOMALILAND: Sports Ministry Cancels First Women’s Football Tournament

Somaliland has cancelled its first women’s tournament claiming it was un -Islamic and was violated the ethical aspects of the religion.

The director of sports at the ministry of youths and sports Abdirashid Aidid told Reuters that the move was arrived at following public outcry that the tournament fell out of the Islamic values.

“We cancelled it because it is not in line with Islamic values and norms,” Aidid told a news conference.

“After public anger, including from the sheikhs, we agreed to suspend it. Everyone saw our women playing during the training sessions on TV and social media platforms. We don’t want that at all.”

The nullification has sparked outrage among women’s rights groups.

The training sessions were initially broadcasted and upon viewing by the public, some religious leaders came out to condemn the federation.

This later lead to the cancelation of the seven-day tournament that was to feature six teams representing six regions in the entire Somaliland.

Source: Africa News

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