SOMALILAND: Kulmiye Party Central Committee’s Seventh Meeting Concludes

By Yusuf Mohamed Hassan

The Somaliland ruling Kulmiye party has finalized its new team of core Leadership. This follows the election of a 31-member Executive Committee which is constituted from 25 members from the central committee and 6 senior party members of the party who were recommended by the President during the 7th meeting of the Central Committee of the ruling KULMIYE party held in the Hargeisa.

The meeting was attended by members of the new Central Committee that came to being during the fourth KULMIYE party convention held on 4th-6th October 2020.

The new Central Committee leadership unanimously approved at the conference are;

MP Mohamud Jama Warfa Chairman of the Central Committee,

Ali Mohamed Ali (Ali Ali-ow) Deputy Chairman and

Mustafe Mohamed Yonis Secretary

This team has a five year mandate

To complete leadership gaps the central committee also approved the party leader’s appointment of Ibrahim Ahmed Rabi as the Secretary General in place of former office holder Hasan Saeed Yusuf.

The quorum of 310 composed of 241 regional representatives, member’s parliament and various civic leaders (Kulmiye party) elected as   mayors in local councils nationwide.

The conference was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Somaliland, and Chairman of the KULMIYE party, Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi,

In acceptance speech as chairman and on behalf of his executive team of the Central Committee, MP Mohamud Jama Warfa, thanked the delegates for their vote and for believing that they would once again hold the reins of the Central Committee.

The President of the Republic of Somaliland, and Chairman of the KULMIYE party, Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi, congratulated the elected members and the delegates of the Central Committee while urging diligence in responsibilities as he Underlined the functions of the executive committee, “The central responsibility of the central committee is to implement the vision of the party, which was approved during the 7th national party convention.

Adding that, “It is the onerous responsibility of the new leadership to steer the central committee towards actualizing the political policy of Kulmiye that is the evolution of a manifesto for the Somaliland ruling party”

The president declared that the priority of the government is to protect the sovereignty and independence of the country, and no quarters shall be allowed in defense of the sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland, “the government’s priority is to protect the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland regardless of source whether political, militarily or economic, “said Mr. Musa Bihi.

In conclusion president Bihi sent a clear message to the United Nations agencies, which he said are conspiring to undermine Somaliland’s statehood, more so the Special Representative of the Secretary General in Somalia whose tenure he termed as one that has seen a deterioration of relations with the global body.

Source: Somaliland Sun

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