SOMALIA: Hundreds Protest Against Macron’s Defence of Caricatures

Demonstrators in Somalia burned the French flag and called for a severing of diplomatic ties with France in protest over President Macron’s defence of cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad.

Several hundred demonstrators blocked traffic in street protests in the capital Mogadishu, chanting slogans and burning effigies of Macron whose defence of the right to mock religion has ignited anger in much of the Muslim world.

“I don’t normally participate in demonstrations but today I would be ashamed if I did not show my sentiments against this infidel Macron, who supported this insult against our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him,” said one protester, Hilal Abudrahman.

Another, Ahmed Sheik Mire, said Macron had provoked Muslims everywhere and called for the devout “to show their anger with France”.

“We will continue demonstrating, and we call on the Somali government to suspend its relationship with France as long as Macron is president,” he said.

Source: Al Jazeera

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