US Reopens Permanent USAID Mission in Somalia

The United States is reopening its permanent U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission in Somalia, 28 years since its closing on January 5, 1991.

Although the U.S. never formally severed diplomatic relations with Somalia, the U.S. Embassy in Somalia was closed in 1991, when the civil war in the 1980s led to the collapse of the country’s central government in 1991.

On Monday, USAID also announced nearly $185 million in humanitarian assistance for the people of Somalia. The aid is aimed at mitigating life-threatening food insecurity and acute malnutrition, as well as delivering safe water and emergency health care services to people affected by the ongoing conflict and prolonged drought.

The U.S. is the largest donor of humanitarian assistance to Somalia.

“Establishing a USAID Mission in Mogadishu is an important milestone in the deepening U.S. development partnership with the Somali people, made possible by the Somali government’s commitment to meaningful reform and re-engagement with the international community.” said USAID in a statement Monday.

Source: VOA NEWS

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