SOMALILAND: Telesom Unveils Online Education Platform during Coronavirus Closure

“Telesom’s online education platform, TABSERA will cover the educational needs of country’s students during schools and universities closure as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic”. Telesom CEO, Abdikarim Mohamed Eid

By Abdirisak Itaqile

Hargeisa, (Somaliland Monitor) –Telesom, Somaliland’s largest telecommunications, and mobile money Transfer Company, has on Sunday unveiled TABSERA, an online education platform where educational institutions can stream courses online.

The online educational platform, TABSERA will help educational institutions keep their students learning online as the country’s schools and universities are closed for at least four weeks to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19.

The launching event of Telesom’s online education platform was attended by the Minister of Telecommunications & Technology, Mr. Abdiweli Sheikh Abdilahi Suufi, Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Dirie aka Ahmed Torno, Telesom’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Abdikarim Mohamed Eid, Telesom Board Members, representatives of government-owned Civil Service Institute (CSI), Amoud and Hargeisa Universities as well as the principals of private schools.

Speaking at TABSERA’s launching event, Abdikarim Mohamed Eid, Chief Executive Officer of Telesom, stated that Telesom’s new online education Platform will cover the educational needs of the country’s students during schools and universities closure as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Abdikarim Mohamed Eid also noted that it’s a historic day where the new service will have a significant impact on the country’s future education system.

Telesom CEO Abdikarim mohmaed eid speaking during the launching of Tabsera
Telesom CEO Abdikarim Mohamed eid speaking during the launching of Tabsera

“The Guardian newspaper reported that more than 850 million young people, or about half the world’s student population, are barred from their school and university grounds because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. We are here to see how our students can continue their education”, Telesom CEO, Mr. Abdirkadir Mohamed Iid said.

“God willing, we promise that we are ready to contribute to the technological and financial needs that may arise during this period.” Telesom CEO added.

Abdiweli Sheikh Abdilahi Suufi
Minister of Telecommunications and Technology Abdiweli Sheikh Abdilahi Suufi speaking during the launching of Telesom’s Online education platform, TABSERA

Also speaking at the launch, Abdiweli Sheikh Abdilahi Suufi, Minister of Telecommunications and Technology thanked Telesom for launching the much needed online education platform, where he stated. “I would like to thank Telesom Company for launching the TABSERA service. This new E-learning platform has many benefits including having the student re-read or rehearse what has been recorded”.

Also speaking at the launching ceremony, Ahmed Mohamed Dirie, Minister of Education and Science welcomed Telesom’s online education platform, TABSERA where he also stressed that new service would help improve the country’s education system.

The representatives of higher education institutions as well as principals of private schools who also spoke at the launching event stated that the new service will contribute to the country’s education system and will help the students practice their skills during school and university closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Instructors

The TABSERA e-learning platform offers easy-to-use tools for instructors to quickly create compelling lessons. Key features of the TABSERA platform include the ability to upload video and audio, and slide presentations and then synchronize them together to create a rich, multimedia lesson.

For Students

For students, the learning environment is media-rich and interactive. The lesson is viewed using a dual-panel display, within the same web page, to enable video/audio and slide presentations to be viewed simultaneously.

About Telesom

Telesom is a private telecommunication company that was established in the year 2002 by local entrepreneurs in Hargeisa Somaliland to become the leader and pioneer in the telecommunication sector while utilizing the latest technology and employing a highly trained and professional customer care team that satisfy our customers with world-class services.

Telesom Company offers an integrated suite of communication products and services to customers including, Mobile voice and data, ZAAD (mobile money payment) Mobile Internet (3G/GPRS), Dhambaal service, Ila hadal, Ila maqal, Mushaax, Aqoonmaal and many more. Telesom has played a major role in the economic development of the country plus the creation of significant huge employment opportunities. The company has the widest network coverage in Somaliland, delivering its quality unmatched services across the country.

The company operates in the entire Somaliland, where it has the widest coverage network. Telesom has an affiliation with neighboring country’s biggest Telecommunication companies and also share regional and international Roaming service with them. For more company details visit

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