Somaliland Tells Somalia To Stop Interfering It’s Foreign Affairs

Press Statement

The   Government   of   the   Republic   of   Somaliland sees  Somalia’s  reaction  towards  Taiwan’s Representative  Office  in  Somaliland  as  astonishing  and  mystifying  to  the  world  nations,  whilst  the Republic of Somaliland has already diplomatic relations and substantive ties with many countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia.  Somaliland -Taiwan’s new relationship is among such mutual cooperation and long-standing friendship between Somaliland and the members of the international community. The  Republic  of  Somaliland  has reinstated  its  sovereignty  in  1991  after  the  people  of  Somaliland unanimously decided to withdraw the failed merger between Somaliland and Somalia in 1960.

Therefore, Somaliland’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are indisputable and irrevocable on the basis of these historical accounts. As  the  African  states  reaffirmed  in  the  Cairo  Declaration in 1964 the  borders  of  Africa  should  remain  as  the  colonials delineated  and  the  Republic  of  Somaliland  is among those countries in which this declaration ratified its borders.  The Government of Somaliland wants to reiterate that the bilateral relationship between Somaliland and  Taiwan  is based  on  reciprocal  and our  shared  values of  peace,  freedom,  and  democracy,  and the baseless propaganda from Somalia would not prevent this historic relationship between the two nations.

The Government of Somaliland again warns the Somalia administration to refrain from the repeated groundless and uninformed statements amid to mislead the world.  Somaliland is a sovereign and responsible state that respects the other nation’s affairs.

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