SOMALILAND: Somalia Continues to Undermine resuscitation of Stalled Talks between Hargeisa and Mogadishu

By: M.A.Egge 

The federal republic of Somalia is avoiding seeing to it that the stalled Somaliland-Somalia Talks is rescuscitated in sincere terms.

This observation was made by H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi as he addressed a packed-house Somaliland Diaspora Commuity assembled at Abudhabi in the UAE last week.

He said that for almost a half a dozen times has the International Community intervened on the matter in the hope of seeing to it that the Talks are re-established but the Mogadishu government has always undermined the efforts and back-tracked.

“First it was the Swiss government which tried to resuscitate the Talks and we accepted the conditions as it befitted us hence Somalia back stepped as it has done several times thereafter”, said the President.

Noting that the Swiss efforts of 8 months ago were followed by the Swedish one and another proposal of Johannesburg which he said were all accepted by Somaliland whereas Mogadishu government undermined all their efforts.

He ironically put it that the UN SGSR who brought forth the Talks to be held in his country of origin had to lose his job!

The President reminded the audience that he had recently advised the Turkish government that the Somaliland community would only acknowledge and be content with a scenario whereby the Talks have the International Community in attendance as observers, or otherwise, such that the Talks may not be hit by any battle-necks whatsoever.

He revealed that the move by the subsequent UN SGSR envoys has the latest proposal slated for Accra, Ghana, such that the meeting in the West Africa country puts in place an international committee that would indulge in the arbitrative matter.

The President quipped to the laughter of those in attendance that he was sure that the Mogadishu government is presently fighting tooth and nail to see to it that this latest move on the efforts of getting the stalled Somaliland/ Somalia Talks to get underway does not takeoff.

The Head of State was underpinning the fact that the Mogadishu government is non-sensical in the perception that Somaliland is part and parcel of them and that the Italian and British Somalilands border does not exist.

“They should first acknowledge the relevant facts and not think on envisioned tribal borders”, he said.

It is this main fact political many pundits have it that the Mogadishu government is avoiding to hear it point blank especially from the International Community.

Somaliland should deservedly stamp its feet pragmatically and not be pulled back by the wishful whims of former Italian Somaliland.

The President who was in the UAE a year ago concurred with the long time UAE monarch’s advisor on Somali affairs Abdillahi Congo on the honourable reception he and his delegation was accorded by UAE government.

He gave the audience a re-cup of the developmental steps the country has taken, chiefly, in agricultural infrastructure and the diverse social sectors.

He decried the dissemination of fake news perpetrated by the social media which gives members of the Diaspora wrong and un-real perceptions of the situation on ground as concerns political or socio political scenarios in the country.

The President said that the real or un-real post-elections fall-out within the populace as wrongly perceived was not tenable since he has criss-crossed the whole country and holds the public support exhibited and executed by the supposed opposition strong-holds most dear.

The President likewise advised for the shunning from tribalism and clannish inclined mentality such that palpable, formidable and apt progress may be realized country-wide.

He pointed out the manner of best qualified-best suited basis for appointment policy initiated as one that would be ingrained in the country for the better of general performances in the management of public affairs.

He thanked the UAE state for allowing 40 youth to be absorbed in their labour industries especially in the petroleum sector.

The President further touched on the expected UAE mediation in having the unfortunate Saudi ban on Somaliland livestock be lifted and to have the industry’s marketing fledge.

Somaliland and the UAE has several bilateral economic relations in place, foremost being the DP World management of Berbera Port and the underlying agreements reached for the UAE to sponsor numerous infrastructural, agricultural, health and associated projects including the expansion of the main port etc.


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