SOMALILAND: Prof. Shunuf Announces His Candidacy for National Legislature Seat

The race for parliamentary seats in the Somaliland elections slated for June is creating interest from various aspirants.

While numerous announcements of intent have been publicly declared the entry of Prof Abdirahman Ahmed Shunuf is of important for his prospective constituency of Maroodi-jeeh region (Hargeisa) as well as the Somaliland House of Representatives.

Prof Shunuf who is yet to divulge the political party in which he will sponsor him, namely Ruling Kulmiye or the two opposition ones of UCID and Wadani made his quest public at a function held at the Guleid hotel in Hargeisa on the eve of 24th Jan.

The notables at the function who all declare their support for the candidature included intellectuals, politicians, traditional and religious leaders, as well as ordinary citizens in addition to the former Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Omar Arte.

participants at the Prof Shunuf Candidacy declaration function
participants at the Prof Shunuf Candidacy declaration function

If elected member of parliament Prof Abdirahman Ahmed Shunuf who is a citizen of the USA will bring a fresh outlook of issues in the House of representatives not to mention a clear representation of a myriad of matters that pertain to the Somaliland Diaspora as well as for locals through empirical knowledge that emanates from lengthily stay abroad and at home.

Prof Shunuf who is an experienced university lecturer garnered all his university studies in his second home, the USA from where he attained Bachelor Degree in Economics from the University of California in 1980, followed by a master’s in Sociology from Portland state university Oregon in 1984.

After a stint of successful career, he returned to Portland state university from where in 1992 he graduated with a PhD in urban planning with Policy analysis as his area of specialization.

It is anticipated that a successful bid for Prof Shunuf and his ilk will not enhance Somaliland legislation at the national level but do away with prevalent drabness currently prevalent in the August house.

Source: Somaliland Sun


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