SOMALILAND: President Bihi Looks Forward to Developing Tourism

Returning from a working trip he made to the bustling red Sea port of Berbera, His excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, stopped at the ancient rock paintings of Las Geel, outside the capital Hargeisa.

The President and his entourage, which this time swelled considerably picking up a great number of district and Maroodi Jeex regional officials, ministers, traditional leaders and politicians many of whom accompanied the President to Berbera and back, could not hide the awe the historical cave drawings never failed to draw on the beholder.

“Tourism is a time-tested foreign currency earner if developed and managed properly,” President Bihi said.

The president pointed out that tourism could be channeled effectively to augment what the nation earned from livestock export, fisheries and agriculture.

“Somaliland is endowed with tourist spots that are internationally recorded and appreciated. Only they had never been developed so to attract the right volume of tourist traffic,” he said.

President Bihi promised that his government will look into how best it can accelerate an industrial, commercially viable development of the sector in a way that can optimally contribute to national GDP and foreign currency earning.

The Gollis Range mountains host attractions much of which is yet to come to the limelight. Only areas in the Daallo, Al Madow and Ga’an Libah areas are peripherally posted.

While in Berbera, the President inaugurated three multi-million mobile harbor cranes which DP World deployed at the port it presently manages.

The President also toured the different areas of the key port inspecting how operations was handling port activities as well as how far expansion and groundwork of the new 400-meter quay and the free zone were shaping up.

On the second day of his tour, the president also opened city roads whose length totaled a little above 6 kilometers, renovations and extensions made to the district commercial bank, the modernized soccer stadium, technical school, medical warehouse and a number of other completer projects in city.

Source: Somtribune


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