SOMALILAND: Pomp and Pageantry Marks the Crowning of King Mohamed Esse Haibe

By Abdirisak Itaqile

Habas Weyn (Somaliland Monitor) -King Mohamed Esse Haibe was on Thursday crowned as a traditional king in a lavish, pomp-filled ceremony that saw the biggest audience at an inaugural ceremony of a Clan leader in Somaliland in recent years. The event was held in Habas Weyn town in Hawd Region in the attendance of traditional leaders, religious clerics, politicians and a large number of his  community kinsmen.

King Mohamed Esse Haibe is 2nd inline of the succession leadership since the traditional leadership system was established for Abokor Muse sub clan of the Arab community.

The newly crowned traditional King Mohamed Esse Haibe is an offspring of a former community king, Esse Haibe who is currently sick.

Speaking at the ceremony, King Mohamed Esse Haibe thanked the organizers and participants of the ceremony.

Also, other dignitaries who spoke at the ceremony congratulated the new cultural ambassador and prayed for almighty God to bless him in his new undertaking and cautioned the new King to work for the unity of his community and the nation at large by putting the interest of Somaliland before any other interest.

During the crowning ceremony elders pour about 20 liters of camel milk to the head  of the new king and put some green leaves to the head as a demonstrate sign of acceptance

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