SOMALILAND: Newly Crowned Traditional Leader, Sultan Kaise Badde Abdulle Receives Warm Welcome

By Abdirisak Itaqile

Hargeisa (Somaliland Monitor) -The newly crowned traditional Sultan of Abokor Ahmed Sub clan of the Arab community, Sultan Kaise Badde Abdulle has on Thursday received a warm welcome from the residents of Hargeisa after being crowned as a traditional king in a lavish, pomp-filled ceremony held in Abokor Ahmed town Near Harshin district of the Fafan region in Ethiopia’s Somali region.

Sultan Kaise Badde Abdulle’s well-organized welcome ceremony was attended by traditional leaders, elders, religious clerics, politicians and a large number of Hargeisa residents who had come from far-flung areas to catch a glimpse of their newly crowned Sultan queued up on both the sides of the roads crossing through Ahmed Dhagah and Mohamoud Haibe districts in Hargeisa city.

Speaking during his welcome ceremony, the newly crowned traditional leader; Sultan Kaise Badde Abdulle thanked the organizers and participants of the ceremony and prayed for almighty God to bless him in his new undertakings.

Sultan Kaise also pledged that he will work for the unity of his community and the nation at large by putting the interest of Somaliland before any other interest.

Upon the conclusion of the welcome ceremony, Sultan Kaise Badde Abdulle attended a luncheon banquette hosted by DALAAD woman association in Hargeisa.

Finally, Sultan Kaise thanked members of DALAAD woman association for welcoming and hosting the luncheon banquette.

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