SOMALILAND: DP World Increases Water Supplies to Berbera

DP World has recently launched a new water distribution centre increasing water supplies in Somaliland’s Berbera by 60 percent.

The US$1 million project started in 2018 and includes four water wells, two shallow pools, two water troughs, a concrete reservoir tank and seven kilometre pipeline connected to the main water supply.

The project, powered by a hybrid solar system and a main generator, also included the construction of a mosque near the water distribution centre.

It is designed to lessen water shortages in Berbera and to provide clean drinking water to local people and rural communities in the area. The project is part of DP World’s strategy for the sustainable development in Somaliland as the increased water capacity will be required due to the growth of Berbera catalyzed by DP World’s investment in the port and Special Economic Zone.

Three wells have been handed over to Berbera Municipality with the fourth well and two shallow pools allocated for free drinking water for the local community and their animals.

Since 2017 DP World have improved Berbera Port’s performance by 70 percent and increased the port capacity by 50 percent. Currently DP World Berbera is developing local talents and has trained over 2,700 Somalilanders in 2018 locally and overseas.

Commenting on the announcement, Suhail Al Banna, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of DP World Middle East and Africa, said, “This support for Berbera is part of our commitment to help develop the areas in which we operate, and we are confident this project will have important benefits for many people across the region. We are committed to ensuring everything we do leaves long term benefit for people in Somaliland and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the Somaliland authorities and people to help improve the quality of life through key infrastructure and sustainability projects.”

DP World’s initiatives in Somaliland include the sponsorship of 11 schools, a maritime education academy, two hospitals, and a clinic. The global trade enabler also provided 4.5 million litres of water to the drought committee in Berbera in 2017 to support 15,000 families.

Source: emirates 24/7

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