SOMALIA: A Fixed Match

By Mohamed A Samatar

According to Wikipedia, match fixing or Game fixing occurs as a match is played to partially pre-determined results, violating the rules of the game, and often the law.

In reality, when the council of presidential candidates and Federal Member States of Somalia are deeply pre-occupied in resolving the election impasse orchestrated by the sitting president whose term expired on February 8, 2020, the election results have already been decided and won by the current occupant of Villa Somalia.

This transaction has already occurred and has changed hands when he succeed in aligning his vision with the three Federal Member States and the hand-picked mercenaries representing themselves with no constituents of their own from Somaliland, to guarantee him the two-third majority vote necessary to win the presidency again.

The international community and the Somali people are misled by the current resident of Villa Somalia and his cronies by creating a false sense of reality, by nominating controversial individuals to be part of the commission, and sending the opposition group into a wild goose chase, when in fact the commission is irrelevant given their limited authority in selection process, except tallying the votes.
Unless this current process is revised by authorities tasked, and if the focus of the candidates and stakeholders does not go beyond that of a single member of the commission, the Somali people are doomed to repeat the same mistake of inviting a con man into Villa Somalia.
Citizens of Somalia need someone who can address their needs and liberate them from Al-Shabab militants, his counterparts, since he gave them a space to operate and disrupt the lives of innocent Somalis.


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