Qatar and Somalia: Terrorism and appreciation!

By Hussein Shobokshi

I VISITED Somalia for the first time in 1986 on a business trip related to the Somali National Maritime Company that specialized in transporting livestock. Livestock was one of the most important sources of modest economic income for Somalia, in addition to the income from the export of small and sweet bananas, which the Somali government had given an Italian company the exclusive right to plant and export.

The company used the same approach with the Somali government as American fruit companies used with Central American countries, leading to theses countries becoming known as banana republics.

Somalia had the potential to be a “different” country with the largest seacoast in Africa (after South Africa), and there was at one time great interest in the exploitation of this coast by Japanese and Korean companies. However, the rule of Siad Barre along with tribalism led to a civil war in this weak country that resulted in the rise of a terrorist youth organization that now seems to have some connection to the coup regime in Qatar.

In Somalia, which is trying to get on its feet and cooperate with donor countries to promote its economy, a telephone call of the ambassador of the Qatari coup regime in Mogadishu in which he gave orders to carry out recent terrorist operations in Somalia exposed the ruler of the coup regime in Qatar itself.

The Somali community in the United States is large and based in Maryland, Washington DC and Minnesota. A well-known Somali-American member of the US Congress Ilhan Omar found her email recently flooded with messages from the Somali community in America, demanding the need to investigate the coup regime in Qatar and its support for terrorism and its deadly operations in Somalia.

With the leak of the telephone call of Qatar’s ambassador, dozens of Somali voices began to “expose” Qatar and its agents for what they have done in their country.

Saudi Arabia has been behind various peace agreements between the Horn of Africa neighbors, and therefore the Qatari regime with no concern for the price to be paid in Somali blood has decided to sabotage the situation because of the peace efforts of the Kingdom and the UAE.

Mahmoud Sufi, a Qatari national of Somali origin who died earlier this year, was granted Qatari nationality and was one of the most prominent football stars in the history of Qatar. This player put a smile on the face of Qataris and the coup regime showed its appreciation in return by killing his people!

Source: Saudi gazette

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