Ethiopia: ONLF Leadership to Hold a Historic Meeting in Ogaden

Jigjiga—Member of ONLF said there will be a central committee meeting in Kebridahare, the Korahay province of the  Somali Regional State of Ogaden, which will likely be the 3rd ONLF meeting held inside the Ogaden since 1992 and 1996.

ONLF reached a historic agreement with the Ethiopian government, following  sweeping reform that took place in Ethiopia.

Hussein Nur, Head of ONLF’s Information Bureau told a Somali Freelance Journalist that the event is scheduled on 15th April to discuss the various issues concerning to the region and the country, including the peace and security as well as the current political developments of the region.

Ethiopia’s Reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed encouraged opposition groups to return to the country amid pursuing their political goals peacefully.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian government opened ONLF’s office in Addis Ababa after 27 years of closure.

The Oil-and-Gas rich Ogaden enjoys peace for the first time in decades after Asmara-brokered peace agreement between the government and ONLF was inked last year.

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