Dutch-Somali man who stabbed commuters in UK gets minimum 11 year term

LONDON — A U.K. judge has sentenced a man who screamed “allahu Akbar” while stabbing commuters at random in Manchester’s Victoria Train station on New Year’s Eve to at least 11 years in prison.

Judge Jeremy Stuart-Smith sentenced Mahdi Mohamud on Wednesday and ordered that his sentence begin in a high-security psychiatric hospital. He has been diagnosed as suffering paranoid schizophrenia
A 26-year-old Dutch national from a Somali family who has lived in the U.K. since the age of 9, Mohamud pleaded guilty.

CCTV images showed Mohamud raising a steak knife and walking behind an unsuspecting couple.

Mohamud stabbed James Knox, 54, repeatedly. He then turned the knife on Knox’s companion, Anna Charlton, 57, slashing her across the face.

Sgt. Lee Valentine, 31, was also stabbed in the shoulder while confronting Mohamud.

Source: Agencies

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