Austria Offers To Support Development In Somaliland

Somaliland is broadening its relations with Austria to explore ways of developing synergy on trade and infrastructural development.

Somaliland is also seeking support from the European nation on education and health.

Representatives of the two countries met this week in Nairobi and discussed ways of pulling their resources together for the benefit of their Nations.

Somaliland envoy to Kenya Bashe Omar alongside his deputy Sharmake Gelle and Austria ambassador to Kenya Christian Fellner also discussed the political and economic situation at the Horn of Africa where Somaliland is a key player in maritime issues.

“Our collaboration will support development in Somaliland,” the Austrian envoy said.

The lunch was also attended by Michael Kassal, Counselor, Deputy Head of Mission and Edith Predorf, Commercial Counselor of Austria.

“It was a great honour to meet representatives from Austria.

“Our talk delved on development issues in Somaliland and we are happy they have offered to support us in developing our health and education sector and will also look on how to help us build our infrastructure,” said Bashe.

Austria is one of the European Union members focused on democracy in Somaliland.

Source: Busiweek

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