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Determinant and Impacts of Dynamic Inflation in Somaliland

Somaliland’s economy is daunted by the dual tender where two currencies are legally acceptable in the domestic markets. Economists call this effect as currency substitution which is a situation that occurs when the citizens of the country use, fully or partially by foreign currencies. This effect is not specific to …

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The Somaliland-Somalia Talks: A Crossroads or a Dead End?

Abdikadir Askar

Somaliland’s Government perceives it as an opportunity to gain recognition; Somalia’s Federal Government, on the other hand, envisages recognition as a process of tearing the ‘Somali Republic’ apart. Whatever the myths surrounding any rational decision, the world is watching to see whether Somalis mend or break the fence that has …

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SOMALILAND: Pressing All the Alarm Bells

Somaliland is the poster child of the Horn of Africa; it is peaceful, democratic and it spends almost half of its meager GDP on its regional security, therefore, Somaliland is not only the starting place of tranquility and democratic hope for the entire African continent, but additionally it plays a …

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Somaliland Sovereignty: The Irrevocable and Unanimous Decision

By: Muse Jeeh Somaliland-Somalia talks that failed earlier would be resumed. But good news is that Switzerland is ready to host talks since Turkey has been accused of lacking neutrality among the two sides. According to Somaliland foreign minister Sa’ad Ali Shire told local media in Hargeisa on Saturday, that …

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Somalia is Invading Somaliland

Since Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was nominated as President of Somalia, he could not rest from conspiracies against Republic of Somaliland in different forms including diplomatic and finally full-scale war. Farmajo spends a lot of the public money on media propaganda against Somaliland like social media. He beckons the politicians, businessmen, …

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