SOMALILAND: Why Education is a Matter for Prosperity?

Khalil Abdi Mohamoud Ahdar

Education in the view of Islam.   ……………………………………………. Islam elucidate ”Education” precisely in this word”TARBIYAH” which has linguistic meaning: increase, growth, and loftiness. So from the terms, It is the matter of prosperity because one can learn and then initiate, also recognise his creator- the knower of everything (Allah). Referring to …

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Somali Unity: A Failed Experiment

Ahmed Suleiman Omer

“Don’t think of it as a failure, think of it as a designing experiments through which you are going to learn” – Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO. 58 years ago, Somaliland has taken its long waited and struggled independence from the Colony of the United Kingdom. Within four days they sacrificed …

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SOMALILAND: Between Democracy and Prosperity

somaliland soldier

By GREG MILLS & JACO-LOUIS DU PLESSIS. Democracy helps keep things together, and radicalism in check, in Somaliland. Democracy in this Muslim country also has to be implemented in an environment beset by poverty, and where Islamic radicalism is an attractive alternative for some. “I’ll give you 15 camels,” said …

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SOMALILAND: Port Deal Underscores Djibouti’s Reliance on Ethiopia

When Djibouti makes international headlines, it is usually in connection with the many superpowers that have built military bases on its shore. France, the United States, China, Italy and Japan all have a major military presence in the tiny East African nation. But for Djibouti’s government, there is another major power that is even more …

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