The paper's authors Saeed M. Ahmed (left) & Mohamed A. Duale
The paper's authors Saeed M. Ahmed (left) & Mohamed A. Duale

Somaliland’s Foreign Policy Analysis: The First Four Administrations in Perspective

By Mohamed A. Duale & Saeed M. Ahmed

According to dominant paradigms of international relations theories, a country’s foreign policy consists of the self-interested strategies chosen by the state to protect its national interests, and the deployment of the various tools of diplomacy and statecraft in order to achieve these objectives within the international relations milieu.
Since Somaliland re-asserted its independence on 18 May 1991, its main foreign policy objective has been the attainment of international recognition. Somaliland has made tremendous strides toward this end by building a functional state with all the legal attributes of a modern state. Notwithstanding the enormous challenges Somaliland has faced under the status of being diplomatically unrecognized for the last 27 years, the state apparatus has continued to evolve internally and externally.


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