Khalil Abdi Mohamoud Ahdar
Khalil Abdi Mohamoud Ahdar

SOMALILAND: Why Education is a Matter for Prosperity?

Education in the view of Islam.  

Islam elucidate ”Education” precisely in this word”TARBIYAH” which has linguistic meaning: increase, growth, and loftiness. So from the terms, It is the matter of prosperity because one can learn and then initiate, also recognise his creator- the knower of everything (Allah).

Referring to other scholars.

To begin with, American pragmatist philosopher and education reformer, John Dewey (1963) put it, a social process – ‘a process of living and not a preparation for future living’’. As well being concerned with learning that we set out to encourage – a process of inviting truth and possibility – it is also based in certain values and commitments such as a respect for others and for truth. Education is born, it could be argued, of the hope and desire that all may share in life and ‘be more’.

For many concerned with education, it is also a matter of grace and wholeness, wherein we engage fully with the gifts we have been given. As Pestalozzi constantly affirmed, education is rooted in human nature; it is a matter of head, hand and heart (Brühlmeier 2010). We find identity, meaning, and purpose in life ‘through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to spiritual values such as compassion and peace’ (Miller 2000).

Finally, Somalilanders, should know that education is the fact of all, and matter of everything, as well as, it is essential to life and progressing. At the same time, in our country, education is very crucial, since all basic needs are under the unwell standard. So receiving better education is the only way to ruined the condition which we call “hand to mouth”. Besides too, reducing corruption, and attainment of good governance. To conclude this topic, the writer is saying to a reader, Prosperity is cultivated in good education, always and forever, as those scholars that are mentioned above nurtured us.

Khalil Abdi Mohamoud Ahdar (Khalil Cabqari)


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