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Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi, speaking during the press conference

SOMALILAND: President Bihi Sets Issues into Perspective

By M.A. Egge

The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi has been quite categorical as he set issues straight and into perspective in reiterating the sense of belonging of Somaliland as a de-facto nation whose aspirations are tailored to and bordered on its sovereignty and scoffed at Somalia for claiming what it doesn’t own.

The Head of State at the same time sounded the sirens of the impending famine following the recurrent drought hence talked of the imperativeness of collectively combating it.

He expounded on both issues during a press conference he called at the Presidency and lambasted the Mogadishu government of Somalia for claiming something that does not belong to her.

Following Somaliland’s investiture triumphs in partnership with the UAE government and its ports and harbours industry dealer DP World, the Mogadishu government went to the UNSC to cry foul and without justifications accused the corporate for dealing with Somaliland!!

Said the President, “The move by the Mogadishu government to accuse DP World for engaging with SL at the UNSC was quite misadvised”.

He explained further, “By accusing the DP World’s investments Somalia was in essence questioning Somalialand’s rights to assume her cue”.

He revealed that the government has already used the established means and avenues applicable to justify her case in rebuffing the Somalia ambassador’s to the UN claims.

The President noted quite categorically that all the Somalia quagmire that has bedeviled the region for the past three decades did not in any way concern Somaliland.

By-passing the historical features of both the Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland that more than justified the separateness of the countries, the President reminded the nation that since the first Somalia (Mogadishu) re-establishment talks and conferences after its disintegration in 1991 to the latest efforts in installing the Farmajo administration by the International Community, Somaliland had never, at any one time, been part of the processors.

The Head of State revisited the Mogadishu, Djibouti, Eldoret, Nairobi and several other conferences that were concerted, convened or assembled for the main purpose of re-structuring the former Italian Somaliland (Mogadishu) only with the help of the world community.

He rightly reminded Somalilanders and the IC at large that this country has never been part and parcel of the international reconciliation processes of the Mogadishu government which has still, to-date, not completed its efforts apart from adding more fractious federal enclaves.

He wondered how a country that is not part of Somaliland claim sovereignty over it.

“It only expounds on and reveals the extent to which Somalia has stretched its ill-motivated innuendoes that shades the light on 60 years of evil that will continue to affect the posterity for decades to come”, said the President while explaining that Mogadishu dream of having this country not see the light of the day is quite evil and will be doomed to failure.

On the other hand, the President noted that the investment plans the government envision was both of short and long terms.

He pointed out that, contrary to distractors assuages, the bilateral relations between Somaliland and Djibouti will never be affected by the DP World’s engagement in the back drop of the fact that their (DP World’s) partnership with Djibouti was at disintegration.

“Historic ties between our nations surpass flimsy interests and our current relationships is at record high”, assured the President.

He lamented on recurrent droughts that is currently sweeping the country hence threatening another famine.

He called for the collation of minds, technics and funds in concerted efforts to set both short and long term safety nets to combat the natural disasters.

Source: Horn Tribune

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