Somaliland Sovereignty: The Irrevocable and Unanimous Decision

By: Muse Jeeh Somaliland-Somalia talks that failed earlier would be resumed. But good news is that Switzerland is ready to host talks since Turkey has been accused of lacking neutrality among the two sides. According to Somaliland foreign minister Sa’ad Ali Shire told local media in Hargeisa on Saturday, that …

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Somalia is Invading Somaliland

Since Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was nominated as President of Somalia, he could not rest from conspiracies against Republic of Somaliland in different forms including diplomatic and finally full-scale war. Farmajo spends a lot of the public money on media propaganda against Somaliland like social media. He beckons the politicians, businessmen, …

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Barbar Song Cheaters: Stealing From Somali Creative Artists

Barbar Song

The hit “Barbar” song has amassed over two million views since hitting youtube in December, but the lyrics of the song were stolen. Mowliid Curjin who is claiming that he wrote the lyrics is not the actual person composed the song, according to Hadhwanaagnews (HWN) investigation. The original lyrics of the song …

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The Political Development of Somaliland and Its Conflict with Puntland

After 1991, while the major parts of Somalia descended into chaos, Somaliland has been composedly and independently running its own affairs. It is endowed with a moderately effective administration and functioning security forces, but it is facing acute socio-economic challenges. It has held relatively competitive multi-party elections. Somaliland’s appeal for …

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